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[wtp-releng] M6 ... are we done yet?

Yes we are! :)  Greatest thanks everyone!

I've promoted to 'downloads' and its made one pass through the Helios aggregation (though not on 'staging' yet).
Our WTP specific M6 repository is at

In keeping with our practice, I've "zeroed out" the JUnit failure summary on 'downloads' ... since we've confirmed they don't indicate problems with the build, but with the tests. You can still see the few we had by drilling down. Please remove any "bad tests", if they can't be fixed.

I've re-enabled the I-builds, for M7 content.

Remember there will be no (other) declared weekly build this week (planning week).

Ready for our final Milestone? Remember we are ramping down now.
Please follow the processes described in
for changes to UI, new features, etc.

Thanks again,

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