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[wtp-releng] Status and Outlook for M6 - one more run?

I'd like to re-run the units tests, and see if our many unit test failures are reduced, running when the build server is less busy.

So, I'd also like to clean up at least some of these versioning errors. I can commit fixes for three of them.
While these would not cause functional problems, we did agree to be "correct" for milestones, and know of no reason not to fix them.

I'd like to set our official goal to declare EOD Monday. That gives time to finish any investigation of the server discovery problem,
as well as gives time for committers or adopters to retest, if anyone would like to, since there has been changes to platform, dtp,
since we smoke tested. This is our milestone, after all ... for EclipseCon even! ... so I want to make sure it is as all you
committers want it to be.

To be explicit, this means to please not release any M7 work until after we official declare M6.

Let me now if questions or problems.


Bundles with qualifier-only increases
1.1.100.v2010022311013 (current)
1.1.100.v200810092245 (reference)
1.1.0.v201003111351 (current)
1.1.0.v20090525 (reference)
1.0.301.v201002020815 (current)
1.0.301.v200805140020 (reference)
Features with qualifier-only increases
3.1.0.v200809051357-62FIXBgJ9AfARDdHGJW4 (current)
3.1.0.v200809051357-62FIXBgJ99nBPBjIHN_ (reference)
2.2.0.v20090517-20-7w312114222462 (current)
2.2.0.v20090517-20-7w311A1636 (reference)
2.2.0.v20090310-53-8-52B6696B3954D1C63225333 (current)
2.2.0.v20090310-53-8-52B6695K3B688x422B2747 (reference)

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