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[wtp-releng] Reminder Accessibility reports due this week

Congratulations to the one team that has already completed their report!

It looks like a good report, but leads to a few suggestions. It'd be nice to report bug numbers, where there is "work remaining" (such as if accelerators need to be added).
More important, I see the "web checklist" was filled out based on our Eclipse website pages and wiki, The intent is to only report on "deliverables" (namely the software that adopters might use).
While the website should also be accessible (and I mean that, we should strive to achieve that) but it is not part of these reports.

So, what does apply to the "web checklist"? I don't think much, for our software. At first I thought "help" did, but that seems better covered in documentation checklist. There are some components or function which delivers a web app (Webservices explorer, at least) so that should be covered in web checklist. I could be forgetting others, but I think most can put "not applicable" for that whole web checklist.

Greatest thanks on leading the way. Very nice.

I hope others can be finished by our Thursday status meeting, so I can ask questions, if I have them, while I prepare the overall summary.

Let me know if questions or issues.

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