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[wtp-releng] Smoke Test, P1's and IP Logs

Beginning today, Monday 6/1, for the remaining RC's, we are scheduled to 
do our testing on Monday, but still declare Tuesday (at the latest ... 
hopefully Monday, if all goes smoothly). 

So, even though we'll begin testing Monday morning, I think there's a few 
cases where a respin would be desirable, and safe ... those cases where 
about.html files are missing! So, please attend to these P1 bugs as soon 
as possible. 

278500 nor P1 wst.validation-inbox@eclips... NEW WTP Comm missing 
about.html in validation doc isv 
278502 nor P1 wst.server-inbox@xxxxxxxxxxx NEW WTP Serv some bundles 
missing about.html files 
278501 nor P1 wst.common-inbox@xxxxxxxxxxx NEW WTP Comm faceted project 
source bundles missing about.html files 
278563 nor P1 jsf.core-inbox@xxxxxxxxxxx NEW Java Ser versioning problems 
when compared with 3.0.5 release 
251659 nor P1 nsandona@xxxxxxxxxx ASSI WTP Sour React to changes in 
content types and encoding detection 

Also,  a few teams still need to mark CQ records as "obsolete" if we no 
longer use some piece of 3rd party code. Since our final IP Logs are due 
on Wednesday, please try to do that first thing on Monday, and maybe the 
system can get updated in time for us to include the more accurate 


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