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[wtp-releng] 305 update site prepared ...

An update site for 3.0.5 Release is ready and currently in

I'll move this to 'updates' tomorrow, about 3 PM unless someone finds an 
issue and calls "stop ship". 

I went through 5 or 6 paths of various types of updates/installs (e.g. 
starting only with Eclipse 3.4, starting with Ganymede SR2, with and 
without patches) and only hit one combination that didn't work ... but 
then couldn't reproduce. 

So, try your favorite path if you'd like ... but to be honest, if a 
problem was found, not sure we could fix it but might have to ask users to 
reinstall (which I say not to be pessimistic ... but hopefully to allow 
you to relax, that we don't have to test all possible update scenarios ... 
3.5 P2 will be better :) 

Also, please note, this update site will consist of 3.0.5 (which includes 
Dali 2.0.5) and also Dali 2.1.1, but other items, such as 3.0.4 and 
patches for 3.0.4, will no longer be there. 

Also, another note, this update site content will only exist for about a 
month ... at which time it will be replaced with our WTP 3.1 release. 

Thank you

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