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Re: [wtp-releng] Build not pulling correct Release Code for XSL Tools Build

David M Williams wrote:

This will teach you to down level a plugin :) OSGi is just doing it's job.

Doh!  That will teach me.

That combined with the non-integration nature of this build.
When I "fixed" the XSL build by having a special tweaked zip file for a pre-req, I just updated the build dependancies, not the test dependancies ... since there was no problem with those. So, during tests, a zip of WST is used, which includes a previous version of XSL ... which happens to be "1.1" of this plugin, which is now "1.0". You'll see similar problems if users use update sites, etc., to move from one build to another.

So, now that there's a reason to, I changed the test dependancy to be the same "special zip" that has xsl bundles removed.

Thanks. We shouldn't run into this particular situation once XSL Tools graduates. But it is good to know what caused the issue. Thanks for looking into this.



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