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[wtp-releng] Priorities and plans for this week

Project Quality Focus

Last chance for fame and glory if we can reach zero by status meeting:
Untargeted severity "Major" and higher bugs opened before June 1st, 2008 (64, 36, 21, 9)


No declared build this week .... please update your plans to be accurate by Thursday status meeting


Final build on Thursday (at latest). We'll do one final "M-build" to declare ... then change to "R" prefix to have final vote on, by 18th, then hold until Simultaneous release on 25th).

Final testing complete by end of next week.

Remember, it is up to each (sub) project to devise your own "release test plans" and make sure you can confidently agree to a high quality release (as signified by PL vote).
In particular, remember to verify all bugs fixed in 3.0.4.

Allow some time for update site testing this week and next.

Our current "temp test updates" is at
which has most recent declared 3.0.4 build (but no pre-reqs and no previous versions there).

Our Ganymede SR2 "staging" site should be relatively recent, but I haven't even checked this myself, so not sure

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