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Re: [wtp-releng] Build not pulling correct Release Code for XSL Tools Build

David M Williams wrote:

> Any thoughts on this?

My first thought was the "special zip" that XSL needs wasn't correct, that it contained the "old" version so pde build was picking it up from there ...
See bug 261116
but .... I checked build machine, and it looks ok to me. (i.e. that zip does not contain any xsl plugins).

I'm wondering if the tests aren't picking up the old plugins somehow. See below for why.

Another thing to sanity check is the map files that are used for the build ... and listed on the build download page.
Do those map files, for xsl, match what you think they should be?

I reviewed the map files, and it has the correct tag, and matches up to what I would expect it to be. The odd thing is that the Unit Test that I added to check for the bug that I fixed is running, but it appears to be running against and old version of the xsl.ui plugin. Reason being is that the latest build to fail, shows the unit test failure on this method:


However, that method is now at 94, and not line 65.


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