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Re: [wtp-releng] Status of weekly I build

David M Williams wrote:

Let me know if there's ways we can improve the predictability of our builds .. we are always within a few days, but never by 3:00 on Friday, like we say we will be.

From looking at the smoke test links here:

It looks like these are basically functional tests. Making sure everything is working from a user stand point. In the future we probably want to look at automating these tests where possible. There are a couple of frameworks that can help with this.

The first is SWTBot, which is designed to help test the UI and has the ability to record and playback tests for the UI.

SWTBot has moved to eclipse, and is actively being developed and used.

The other being the TPTP framework also hosted at eclipse, and described in this Eclipse Corner article:

My recommendations though is the go with SWTBot once it's CQs have all cleared. The main reason is that it is a very light weight testing framework, with little overhead. It can be used within the current junit testing framework, so should be fairly easy to pick up.

The Smoke Tests should be run with every Milestone Integration build, not necessarily with every build. However the more often they are run the better, so that errors can be caught sooner rather than later.

Moving away from the manual testing should help with the consistency of the builds and timeliness of getting them declared.

My two cents on the subject.


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