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[wtp-releng] Status of builds ... the 3.5 pre-reqs even broke our maintenance build?!

Just kidding, but there's compile errors in both streams now. I'm assuming the maintenance stream ones in jsp component were a random oversight?

The 3.1 stream compiler problems are "hard to read" since the xml-to-html transform did not work, for some reason (I'll look into that tonight).
So if you click on the compiler report, you'll get "file not found", but if you change the ".html" extension to ".xml" you can at least search for "error" and get an idea of what's wrong.

In the ejb.annotations case I looked at, it appeared to be due to missing datatools?!
I was thinking only JPT pre-req'd datatools, but I recall now there's an optional pre-req in ejb annotations.
So, hopefully datatools related issues will fix themselves when we get a current, correct datatools update (hopefully "tomorrow").

The compile errors in server discovery bundle appear to be related to changes in P2 provisional API.

Thanks all,

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