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Re: [wtp-releng] Status of our move to M5 based pre-reqs


The suggested Dali changes have been released.


David M Williams wrote:

Just so everyone knows what I know ....

WST and JST are getting through the build, but the build halts at Dali since DTP hasn't upgraded yet. (complains of missing ICU pre-req).

I asked, and DTP said they should have an updated build "tomorrow".

If anyone really wants to dig for the partial build results, remember you can go to the "artifacts" page of our the most recent failed I-build.

If the Dali team wants to, you could add the old ICU pre-req to one of your features ... just temporarily ... to allow the build to finish.

That is, add the following to your "lowest" level feature, to force PDE build to pull the bundle from Orbit (the map file is already there, no need to worry about that).


This would just be temporary for a day or two, to allow the build to complete, be "published", run through tests, etc. I'm sure there are other errors there, since we haven't moved up to new EMF yet.

If DTP doesn't get a build tomorrow, for what ever reason, I might do this myself.

But, for the rest of the evening, I'm just going to kick back, relax, and not worry about a thing. :)

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