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[wtp-releng] API Tooling

I suspect this would go along way to people seeing these errors first in their dev. environment, but someone
on the project has to create the meta (baseline) data first.

Hope someone can have time to look into someday and report back if it's good for the rest of us.

I can't proceed much further on the build testing until some fundamental items change from the use of environment variables to the use of property files is implemented. So this is a good secondary project to pursue anyways.
This is actually pretty easy to setup. Chris Aniszczyk has written a very good article on how to use API Tools and get it setup with a plugin.

You need to setup a Project base line. So for WTP related plugins, download and install the J2EE package and have it sitting on your development machine somewhere. This will be your base line package, for Eclipse 3.4 and WTP 3.0. When get to the step of setting up your Baseline, point it to this installation.

Next you need to enable the API Tooling on any of your plugins that you want it to work against. Just click on a plugin project, and select PDE Tools-> Setup API Tooling. Select the projects you want it to be enabled against. This will enable a new project nature and builder on those plugins and when a build is done again, it will run the api tooling checks.

One of the checks it does do is to let you know when the minor version needs to be incremented. In fact, you'll get item in the markers and problems view that will indicate that your minor version needs to be updated if you make significant changes.

You also have some additional options if you are using a Java 5 or greater JVM to add additional restrictions via annotations on what people can and cannot do with the various methods and code.

Review the article and see if it meets the needs, but I think we can replace the BVT checks by implementing the API Tooling on all the WTP plugins.


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