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Re: [wtp-releng] 3.1 M3 build Versioning issues blockers and self tests

David M Williams wrote:

There is no way to run this particular test as part of individual dev. tests .... BUT there are some API Tools now offered by the Eclipse Platform that should do some very similar
Hmm...then I wouldn't necessarily call these unit tests per say, but more of an acceptance test of a build verification test. As they aren't testing specific functionality, but checking to see that maintainence and good build practices have been followed.

I have not tried them, but know they do have the requirement that with your latest-release code in the development environment, you have to run a "baseline" tool that takes a snapshot of what the current versions are. Then ... rumor has it .... if you change code, it'd give a warning if you had not yet incremented service version. Or, if you add API it'd remind you to increment minor version. And, I suppose, if you broke API!!! it'd remind you to update major version.

I can try to check out the API Tooling plugins and see how they work. XSL is small enough code wise that it's a good testing ground for this type of stuff.

I suspect this would go along way to people seeing these errors first in their dev. environment, but someone
on the project has to create the meta (baseline) data first.

Hope someone can have time to look into someday and report back if it's good for the rest of us.

I can't proceed much further on the build testing until some fundamental items change from the use of environment variables to the use of property files is implemented. So this is a good secondary project to pursue anyways.


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