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Re: [wtp-pmc] Discusion about getting prereq excempt for tools like npm, bower, grunt, typescript, sass, less and others

If I'm reading this OP right (?), it's touching on / leading in the
direction of broad/thorough integration of these capabilities completely
within the JSDT/WTP coordination/umbrella.

You are right.

If that's the case ... and some of our wishlist items here above 'fit' under
that umbrella, then -- short version:  big thumbs up on this!

glad you like it  ;)

Fwiw, these

But the initial CQ's have now been made at:

- Node.js:
- NPM:
- Bower:

appear to be restricted to commiters only?   At least, my
credentials don't get me any current access. Can they be opened for at
least public view?

The ipzilla is where the eclipse legal team work on clearing dependency issues.
It is only available to Eclipse members (such as committers). sorry.

But don't worry - those jiras just contain the request and confirmation - nothing interesting.
And all beyond that will happen in public bugzilla/mailng lists etc.


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