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Re: [wtp-pmc] Discusion about getting prereq excempt for tools like npm, bower, grunt, typescript, sass, less and others

A bit of feedback, from "just" a 'migrating user'.

I'm evaluating developer tooling for a number of distributed, large-team

Eclipse & Netbeans have always been in consideration for IDE, but for the
past several projects, intelliJ's tools have been selected.

For a variety of reasons -- both technical and business -- I'm very much
interested in moving all projects to Eclipse.

One of the real hurdles in the process, particularly in getting buy-in from
devs that argue for functionality and efficieny with modern tools.  To that
end, I couldn't agree more heartily with

> We (Red Hat) been looking deep and hard at how to improve JavaScript
> tools and have come to the conclusion
> that to really move things forward JSDT need to stop trying to make
> everything on its own. We need to support/integrate
> the actual tools JavaScript developers uses.
> Example of such tools are npm, bower, grunt, typescript, sass, less and
> over time more will probably show up.

Integration with the native tools is very much a "GoodThing(tm)", at least
in our own experiences and opinions.

Recognizing it a welcome first step, for wide(r)spread -- and perhaps as
important, *willing* -- adoption of Eclipse (again, with the "here" caveat
...), it's not sufficient.

One very 'heated' discussion topic around here is Content Assist (aka
LiveTemplating etc).

Not just for the 'generic' tools above, but for content-specific use in/with
mainstream frameworks (Bootstrap, Foundation, AngularJS, etc etc)

There's currently *some* support across the Eclipse ecosystem, but it's
inconsistent in scope and fragmented across a number of projects (JSDT,
Enide, Tern, Aptana, etc etc).

It's somewhat *doable*, but TBH, it's rather nightmarish to deploy & get

For example, our 'evaluation platform', is (currently) Neon-nightly (Mars
just isn't cutting it ...), with a jumble of release & dev repos from a
varietly of projects.  The usual dance of what works, what doesn't, and
where the incompatibilies lie, makes this "Frankenstein-Eclipse" simply
untenable to deploy.  Yes, I understand it's early-pre-release ...

If I'm reading this OP right (?), it's touching on / leading in the
direction of broad/thorough integration of these capabilities completely
within the JSDT/WTP coordination/umbrella.

If that's the case ... and some of our wishlist items here above 'fit' under
that umbrella, then -- short version:  big thumbs up on this!

Fwiw, these

> But the initial CQ's have now been made at:
> - Node.js:
> - NPM:
> - Bower:

appear to be restricted to commiters only?   At least, my
credentials don't get me any current access.  Can they be opened for at
least public view?

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