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[wtp-pmc] Discusion about getting prereq excempt for tools like npm, bower, grunt, typescript, sass, less and others

Hi all,

We (Red Hat) been looking deep and hard at how to improve JavaScript tools and have come to the conclusion that to really move things forward JSDT need to stop trying to make everything on its own. We need to support/integrate
the actual tools JavaScript developers uses.

Example of such tools are npm, bower, grunt, typescript, sass, less and over time more will probably show up.

The intent is that we would like in JSDT to start integrating with these tools in a similar manner that for example CDT calls out to native compilers
and how Buildship calls out to Gradle.

Before we go do the official request for each of the tools I was suggested by Mike to raise it on the relevant PMC first to see
if there were any objections against starting this.

Depending on the feedback we would probably start looking at adding some of this very early on into incubation with hope to see it be used and tested by a few braves on Mars, and try get it into next years Eclipse release train (N/Mars+1).

Thank you,

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