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[wtp-pmc] Re: [atf-dev] Open Mettings and getting the Source Code

Max, John, (others)
No, I don't think replacing the team is the right answer, but it is an ultimate resort. Anyway, I think that John's reply just reinforces my concerns: an Eclipse open source project needs to be open all the time. Not just at review times; not just when someone asks a private question; but all the time. Open plans, open discussions, open designs, ... My concerns about ATF are not about the code, they are entirely about process: the process(es) that the Eclipse community as a whole (including the other Eclipse projects) has asked the Eclipse projects to follow so that the greater Eclipse community (including other projects, users, adopters, etc) can understand, extend, and assist with the project.

- Bjorn

... yes ATF is pretty quiet but the team is open and responsive when I've approached them here or other ways.
Hey lighten up!

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