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[wtp-pmc] Dali incubation and JSF/Dali graduation issues

Neil / Shaun (and by extension, all Dali members):


Several issues regarding incubation and exit:


  • Bjorn indicated that you’re welcome to incubate inside of WTP – basically, Dali and the WTP PMC need to approve the move, and then there would be a (presumably perfunctory) review call where anyone in the larger community to call in and object. Let me know if you’d like to pursue this course of action. (It’s not required for graduation into WTP, but sends a strong message to the community about your intentions and facilitates merging into your eventual WTP location.)
  • The WTP PMC discussed the following plan for technology preview packaging in the 1.5 release:
    • Callisto update manager will contain the WTP 1.5 (“core”) bits
    • The WTP update site would provide several packagings, including one that bundles the tech preview components (JSF and Dali) with the WTP core bits. We will document that this contained pre-1.0 release materials, but encourage users to download it. A core-bits-only packaging will also be available for those who do not want to accept preview material.
    • The contingency plan if either JSF or Dali is late is to ship it separately; no change to Callisto timing or the Callisto update site would result, based on the plan above. Any packagings that include the material would be delayed until it is complete.
  • We need to plan for JSF and Dali incubation exit reviews. This will be a two (or depending on what you count, three) step process:
    • As the recipient of the “graduated” materials, the WTP PMC must first approve. We need to establish the “hatching criteria”, which at a minimum will require evidence of reasonable (publically downloadable) JUnit tests, JavaDocs for provisional APIs, overview documentation suitable for developers/architects, overview documentation suitable for end users, and one or more (end user) tutorials that cover all major features.
    • Next, the WTP PMC and the project will coordinate the production of an incubation exit review for EMO consumption and schedule the EMO review date. This needs to happen by mid May, which means that EMO IP approval needs to finish by early May, which means we need to get this on Janet’s calendar immediately.
    • This review is similar to a creation review, and establishes that the project meets process, community, technical, and other EMO guidelines.
  • You should continue to work with Naci towards an integrated build/test/package infrastructure in parallel with the process issues above.


PMC members, please add anything I missed from our call this morning.


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