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[wtp-pmc] scheduling maintenance releases



On the WTP call this morning, the topic of coordinated maintenance releases (3.2.1, 3.2.2) came up. WTP would like to


  1. Ship maintenance releases on the same date as the platform (corollary: EMF, GEF, and VE must do likewise)
  2. Know what these dates are in advance so we can plan to them
  3. Encourage the rest of Callisto to do likewise (but not depend on this happening w.r.t. our own plans)


On #2 – is there any reason we can’t pick those dates now? I think part of the concern some projects may have had in agreeing to coordinated maintenance releases is uncertainty over the dates, and I’m not sure why there has to be uncertainty.


On #1 –any reason the platform would not be willing to accommodate a coordinated release date and update site testing?


On #3 – are you aware of other specific issues the other projects raised? Seems to me that, having released in a coordinated fashion once, both ISVs and the community will expect us to continue in that vein.






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