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RE: [wtp-pmc] IBM Requirements for WTP 1.0.2

I agree, "around May" is very close to our WTP 1.5 June release, so suggest we publish mid-April as the target date for 1.0.2 (for review by adopters), and encourage adopters to test and enter bugs reports and hot-bug requests by mid-March at the latest.

Plus, I think we should publish very "tight" guidelines on what's appropriate to go into 1.0.2 ... namely, only blockers (can't run) and critical (crash and loss of data), and ... maybe a few major severity ... but only if an adopter document's why the problems is interfering with their adoption of WTP. I know many of the teams are concerned about maintaining quality (much less improving it!) if they have to maintain dual streams, as its easy to introduce regressions when lots of changes are going into a non-primary stream.


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RE: [wtp-pmc] IBM Requirements for WTP 1.0.2

I’m in favor of another maintenance pack as well; my only concern here is that May is very close to our June release. Would the end of April be acceptable for IBM’s needs?

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[wtp-pmc] IBM Requirements for WTP 1.0.2


On behalf of IBM I am formally requesting a second maintenance release, around May. Our experience with WTP 1.0.1 builds so far indicates that although the quality is improving, we anticipate a continued stream of defects that will acculumate to a significant quantity two or three months after 1.0.1 is released. We'd therefore like a maintenance refresh to roll up these fixes. Virtually all of these fixes would apply to WTP 1.5, so aside from the overhead of maintaining a separate CVS branch and additional builds, this should not be an undue burden on the development team.

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