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Re: [wtp-pmc] Request for time at PMC meeting to introduce the WTP usability study

Yes, I've seen Leah's notes on the newsgroups, and would love to hear more about it ... but will ask what "get our blessing" means. I don't think we (as a PMC)  be in any position to give official endorsement or official approval (at least not with a 5-10 intro) and would not see why that would be needed. Any reason why this has surfaced now, at this time, instead of several months ago when she began to solicit participants?

But, yes, sounds great and all experimental psychologist and cognitive scientists have my personal blessing :)


Lawrence Mandel <lmandel@xxxxxxxxxx>
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02/10/2006 01:17 PM

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[wtp-pmc] Request for time at PMC meeting to introduce the WTP        usability study

Leah Findlater, a University of British Columbia PhD student, is about to start a usability study based on WTP. I'd like to request 5-10 minutes at this coming Tuesday's (Feb. 14) PMC meeting to introduce Leah and let her give the PMC a short overview of the study, its goals, and its requirements in order to educate the PMC on what she's going to be up to and get your 'blessing'.

If I don't hear any objections for this coming week I'll invite Leah to join us at 10am EST.


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