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Re: [wtp-pmc] 3.2 release train proposal


I think we should consider parallel streams for 1.0 and 1.5 in any case because 1.0 is limited to API development. We need to defer most enhancements to 1.5, but we don't want to prevent work from starting on 1.5. For example, the proposal from Gary Horen to add XML enhancements is a 1.5 item and he won't be working on the 1.0 items AFAIK.

Yes, parallel streams incur overhead, but I think we need to learn how to do it.

I think WTP 1.0 should be an Eclipse 3.1-only release. We are not totally API clean yet and there is no guarantee that a single 1.0 code base would run on both 3.1 and 3.2.

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[wtp-pmc] 3.2 release train proposal

Apologies for missing the WTP PMC telecon this morning due to the overlap with the Eclipse Planning Council meeting. It included an in-depth conversation about joining the 3.2 “train” along with our prerequisites. The table below is a suggestion of how this might work, followed by some of the more obvious challenges it would entail. (Specific dates haven’t been agreed to, and the extended twilight period needs better definition in terms of how it would contain the converged stack rampdown.) One of the important takeaways is the need to begin synchronizing with milestone releases early on – note that in this proposal WTP joins the 3.2 “train” no later than mid November.
Sample train calendar (final dates and dependency staging TBD):

8/12/2005 M1 N/A N/A Skipped
9/23/2005 M2 +1 week N/A EMF/GEF/VE/DTP? join train
11/4/2005 M3 +1 +2 WTP/TPTP/BIRT join train
12/16/2005 M4 +3 +4 Delayed stack release due to xmas holiday
2/15/2006 M5/API freeze +1 +2 First time WTP 1.5 functionality / 3.2 feature adoption occurs.
4/1/2006 RC0/FC +1/2 +1  
5/15/2006 Final RC/CC +1/4 +1/2  
6/30/2006 Joint stack GA +0 +0  

Risks to/Requirements on WTP:
  • Requires our 1.0 release to simultaneously adopt/test prereq M3/4 releases within a specified timeframe. (Alternative: fork code and have dual 1.0/1.5 code streams with all the associated overhead.) The expectation is that we would only integrate with platform releases prior to 12/15; new features would only be picked up post our 1.0 release.
  • Adjustment to our previously proposed 1.0 and 1.5 milestone and release dates will be required to align.
  • Our timeframe to define our proposed 1.5 (platform 3.2) APIs is short – we need to declare by end of February ’06. Subsequent to that, we need to manage and publicize breaking API changes prior to releasing.
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