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[wtp-dev] Project Lead election for Nitin Dahyabhai on Webtools Releng

A project lead election for Nitin Dahyabhai on project Webtools Releng
(webtools.releng) was started by Nitin Dahyabhai with this criteria:

With Nick Boldt's resignation as our Releng lead, I must reluctantly nominate
myself to take his place as I've been the only other active member for a
while. Nick has been patiently contributing for some time after his work had
taken him in a completely different direction, much like myself, offering
feedback and guidance, but his personal interests lie elsewhere.

While I am not great at speaking to my own abilities, the log at will
show me contributing since late 2018. Of course the corrections that led to
our having a M3 build tomorrow are in Web Services, but they were driven by
the need to again regularly run our CI builds to completion. While being your
PMC Lead allows me to do certain things by fiat, I've always looked at the
role as a set of responsibilities more than anything else. Please do cast
your votes within the time alotted.

Webtools Releng project committers can click the election link below to vote.



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