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[wtp-dev] Reminder: Office hour(s) tomorrow

Hi folks,
A quick reminder that our usual office hour(s) will be tomorrow, this time for our M3 build, and btw, there will be an M3 build!  The Web Services build failures appeared as Error 13 abends of tycho-surefire test executions, but "resuming" the build showed conflicting chains of javax.xml (and related packages), caused by bundles importing those packages at the same time they were requiring Xerces as a whole. This unresolvable chain of dependencies  apparently ended up causing the JVM to exit with code 13. This could only be found by digging through the configuration logs in the intended "work" directory, which means the eventual Tycho issue is going to be a challenge to address, if they attempt to.

Nitin Dahyabhai
Eclipse WTP PMC

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