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Re: [wtp-dev] question about WTP XPath 2.0 code base

Hi Nitin,

On Tue, Jul 24, 2018 at 12:54 AM, Nitin Dahyabhai <nitind@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
We merged the entirety of webtools.sourceediting.xpath.tests into the main webtools.sourceediting repository in March under bug 520044[1].

Ok. I suppose, that the earlier XPath 2.0 code branch R3_2_maintenance has not been pulled into the main webtools.sourceediting repository as part of the merge you've mentioned. Or, has it been pulled?
I would prefer all work to be done in the main repository and in master.

Ok. I hope someone (maybe me), will try to modify latest version of Xerces, to use the XPath 2.0 code from main repository and master. This won't be trivial for Xerces, but we'll try.
but yes, (1) has been modified by others since it's also built and tested as part of our builds.

Ok. I think, then I've to search for the last good version of with which the latest version of Xerces XSD 1.1 has been built, and then reconstruct the earlier tests locally using org.w3c.xqts.testsuite
Is the stance from the earlier thread that Xerces wants to support a minimum 1.4 runtime still true[3], even though 1.4's public end of life was nearly a decade ago?

Xerces XSD 1.1 implementation still thinks, that it supports JRE 1.4 minimum. My personal opinion is (that is I agree with you) to move Xerces to the JRE levels, proposed by WTP (since we depend on WTP's XPath 2.0 processor). But there's little incentive to do this by Xerces, unless some new functionality in Xerces requires WTP XPath 2.0 implementation. There are currently only 1-2 bugs against latest version of Xerces XSD 1.1; Xerces is not developing anything new these days.

Mukul Gandhi

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