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[wtp-dev] question about WTP XPath 2.0 code base

Hi all,
   I've questions about the content of WTP XPath 2.0 implementation code and the corresponding tests.

Please see following two locations,

At the location 2) cited above, I've been the most recent active committer. I use this branch for the code for Xerces.

My question is about the files at location 1) above. The location 1) above, contains nearly all of the files from W3C XPath 2.0 test suite. Were there any commits to location 1) above, after I last committed on location 2) above? I'm mainly interested to know, the kind of changes that have been done at location 1) above, after I last committed to location 2) above.

I'm currently investigating causes of few test failures at location,, that I use for Xerces. The tests at this location, use files from location 1) above. Previously, tests at this location were all passing.

Mukul Gandhi

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