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Re: [wtp-dev] question about WTP XPath 2.0 code base

We merged the entirety of webtools.sourceediting.xpath.tests into the main webtools.sourceediting repository in March under bug 520044[1]. There should be no further changes made in repositories other than the main webtools.sourceediting repo as we don't build from them. I would prefer all work to be done in the main repository and in master, but then I can't find the R3_2_xpath2_14unittests branch in the main repository. Maybe Rob S. has something to add here?

As for whether changes have been happened since you last committed there, that information is all contained in the git history. While the links from the gitc index seems consistently broken, you can still browse the individual history with the deeper links also shown on the Xerces wiki[2]. Checking it with a local clone it looks like no one's touched (2) except you, but yes, (1) has been modified by others since it's also built and tested as part of our builds.

Is the stance from the earlier thread that Xerces wants to support a minimum 1.4 runtime still true[3], even though 1.4's public end of life was nearly a decade ago? Compiler support for generating 1.4 classes is also going to vanish from JDT soon under bug 536194[4] and according to JEP 182[5] was already gone from Java 8, which is approaching its own public end of life.

Ideally, test classes and accompanying resources should have both been branched. You could create such a branch in the main repository using the last known good commit, but I doubt that we would be building a new branch regularly without some discussion with our Releng lead.


Nitin Dahyabhai

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