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Re: [wtp-dev] Alternative to WTP editors with TM4E and LSP4E

So this seems like it is relying on external connections and an external server for the LSP portion. I'll admit I haven't been involved as much on the latest eclipse technologies as in the past, but there are still many times, when I don't have an active Internet connection, and would hope I wouldn't need one just to edit files. If the server portion is residing locally, then I'm alright with it, but if whatever implementation relies on a remote connection to exist to work then.

I agree that if there aren't enough active people to work on existing projects to maintain the WTP SSE editors, it is time for them to be replaced... as long as there are equivalents for the existing core editors.

I guess I'd like a list of what the target editors to be replaced are?


On 4/26/2017 3:09 AM, Mickael Istria wrote:
Hi Angelo,

I'm well aware of and confirm it's currently working much better than the experiment I'm sharing.
BlueSky and do share the same textmate layer.
However, the interesting part of my proposal compared to is that it relies on a server conform to the LSP protocol, so it doesn't require any specific development for those languages and factorize all the maintenance effort to LSP4E and the language server. On the long term, I just hope tsserver will support or provide bindings for the Language Server Protocol so we could directly use it.

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