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[wtp-dev] Alternative to WTP editors with TM4E and LSP4E

Hi all,

I'd like to share with you some progress about the TM4E and LSP4E projects. Both projects are actually targeting to allow easy implementation of rich editors reusing external resources and to reduce and factorize maintenance effort.
As WTP editors have been in a bad shape (out-of-date, not comfortable, reviews pending for a while....) for several years now, we've started to look at how TM4E and LSP4E, with the right language servers, can allow to have a better web development story in Eclipse IDE than what WTP is currently offering.
Here is the result:

It's relying on VSCode language servers for HTML, CSS, SCSS, SASS, LESS, JSON and on for JS and TS.
It took me about a couple of weeks to bind those with LSP4E and to work on the packaging part (which is actually the only necessary part when dealing with Language Servers). All the features are provided by the language servers and are presented in Eclipse IDE thanks to LSP4E.

Please have a look, give it a try and provide feedback. Contributions (bug reports, code, whatever) are entirely welcome at every layer of that work: on Platform UI, in LSP4E, in BlueSky integration, in language servers directly.

Now, let's just face *the* question: wouldn't it make more sense for our community, "products" and users, to start dropping the unmaintained-like WTP editors and to consider this alternative as an official replacement and to adopt the language server/generic editor approach which happens to work well?

Mickael Istria
Eclipse developer for Red Hat Developers
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