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[wtp-dev] Initial development setup - p3

It's me again ;-)

I'm using the 'master' branch now and imported the projects using the Eclipse way (didn't even occure to me 8-).

Still got the following questions:

1. The XML type 'enablement' is missing for the following XSDs:

* webtools.javaee/plugins/org.eclipse.jst.j2ee/schema/ClasspathDependencyExtension.exsd

* webtools.javaee/plugins/org.eclipse.jst.j2ee/schema/archiveExportParticipants.exsd

This element is included in 'expressionLanguage.exsd' which is part of org.eclipse.core.expressions. However this plugin is declared as a dependency within the project org.eclipse.jst.j2ee, so I'm wondering whether any one has idea why Neon RCP is complaining here?

2. Compiler Errors/Warnings

After the import of the projects there were plenty of errors. For instance: The plugin 'org.eclipse.jst.common.frameworks' has several unused imports which are currently configured as compiler errors (f.e. IJavaProjectLite). Why aren't these imports removed? I mean all those things that Eclipse detects automatically could be fixed very easily.

Is there any rationale behind this? And if not are there any objections when I would make the changes accordingly (of course only these automatically detected issues).

3. Are there any plans to switch to a completely maven based build, so we could drop these eclipse configuration files?

4. Are there any plans to make an upgrade to Java 8? Where are potential obstacles if there are known ones?

Best regards

Daniel Kasmeroglu


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