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Re: [wtp-dev] Initial development setup - p3

On 09/22/2016 12:25 AM, Daniel Kasmeroglu wrote:
2. Compiler Errors/Warnings

After the import of the projects there were plenty of errors. For instance: The plugin 'org.eclipse.jst.common.frameworks' has several unused imports which are currently configured as compiler errors (f.e. IJavaProjectLite). Why aren't these imports removed? I mean all those things that Eclipse detects automatically could be fixed very easily.
Is there any rationale behind this? And if not are there any objections when I would make the changes accordingly (of course only these automatically detected issues).
I imagine that this can be legacy code that no-one took time to clean up.
3. Are there any plans to switch to a completely maven based build, so we could drop these eclipse configuration files?
Which Eclipse configuration files? There are many of them!
What would be the value of dropping the Eclipse configuration files?
The build is already fully maven-based, it's using Tycho. If you want to be more Maven-centric, it's doable, but make sure you have the m2eclipse-tycho connector installed.
4.  Are there any plans to make an upgrade to Java 8? Where are potential obstacles if there are known ones?
As far as I know, no plan, no obstacle.
The only reason would be that this task doesn't get high priority and that the amount of contributors to WTP is a too low to consider doing "gardening" on the code. But feel free to contribute PRs for that, I believe they'd be welcome.

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