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[wtp-dev] Bad experience with Neon and JavaScript

Hi guys,

I see lot of buzz around a _javascript_ update in Eclipse Neon but honestly, I don't see a real change :(

- I installed Eclipse for _javascript_ and Web Developers via Eclipse installer (was a nice experience)

- I created a _javascript_ project and the first thing I see is that it keep using _javascript_ libraries that are not updated since 2010 (system.js) and 2013 (browserWindow.js). I did a search for "console" and "log" and it just does not exist.

- I wrote this code:
class Pepe {
  function lola() {
When I save it, I got a nashorn error "Undefined cannot be casted to String". If I write the right syntax it works fine.

- Ok, let's try with something simpler:
var a = "";
It does not show any completions, just keywords, and an old "pepe" function I wrote before, it seems to be cached somewhere.
Actually, I don't get any _javascript_ global objects completions, like Math.

- Well... in the previous JSDT completions worked much much better.

- I saw somewhere there is a new JSON editor (but I did not find a wizard to create a JSON file). I had to create it via New File wizard.

In general, it was a frustrating experience :( I had lot of expectation for this release, but what I see are regressions or a work in progress.

(I did not test the stuff around nodejs)

Maybe I am missing something... some configuration... well, maybe it is just a matter of time, I know you are working hard on it and that there is a lot to do. I know there are other options like those based on (that works much better) but yet I prefer to keep on the standard tooling.

Best regards,

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