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Re: [wtp-dev] Bad experience with Neon and JavaScript

Hello, Arián 
Thank you for feedback - this is smth. we are seeking for now.

Basically, JSDT is still in transitional state. A lot of thing were changed due to old parser (EcmaScript 3 support) replacement and some stuff might be broken here and there. What is more, we are going to change parser one more time for Neon.1  and use Closure Compiler (better performance, linting + no need to use Nashorn JS engine). 
I have created a bug for having new wizard for custom json file [1] (for now one can only use bower init / npm init wizards for creating bower.json & package.json). It would be really great if you could address other issues you had with JSDT in eclipse bugzilla, so that we would try to tackle them for Neon.1 release - September 2016

P.S. Contributions of any kind are most welcome 


On Thu, Jul 7, 2016 at 2:59 PM, Arián Fornaris Fernández <boniatillo@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi guys,

I see lot of buzz around a _javascript_ update in Eclipse Neon but honestly, I don't see a real change :(

- I installed Eclipse for _javascript_ and Web Developers via Eclipse installer (was a nice experience)

- I created a _javascript_ project and the first thing I see is that it keep using _javascript_ libraries that are not updated since 2010 (system.js) and 2013 (browserWindow.js). I did a search for "console" and "log" and it just does not exist.

- I wrote this code:
class Pepe {
  function lola() {
When I save it, I got a nashorn error "Undefined cannot be casted to String". If I write the right syntax it works fine.

- Ok, let's try with something simpler:
var a = "";
It does not show any completions, just keywords, and an old "pepe" function I wrote before, it seems to be cached somewhere.
Actually, I don't get any _javascript_ global objects completions, like Math.

- Well... in the previous JSDT completions worked much much better.

- I saw somewhere there is a new JSON editor (but I did not find a wizard to create a JSON file). I had to create it via New File wizard.

In general, it was a frustrating experience :( I had lot of expectation for this release, but what I see are regressions or a work in progress.

(I did not test the stuff around nodejs)

Maybe I am missing something... some configuration... well, maybe it is just a matter of time, I know you are working hard on it and that there is a lot to do. I know there are other options like those based on (that works much better) but yet I prefer to keep on the standard tooling.

Best regards,

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