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[wtp-dev] Local Terminal Interpreter with "cd" and "npm"

Hi everybody,

I would like to know if you could interest with my work about "Local Terminal Interpreter". The basic idea is to interpret Terminal command to refresh the workspaces like project explorer. Here a demo where you can see:

 * "cd" command: when terminal executes "cd" command, the Project Explorer select the well folder.
 * "npm install" command: when terminal executes "npm install acorn", it refresh the parent folder where npm was executed and select the node_modules folder.

I think JSDT could be interested to refresh the Project Explorer after executing an "npm install" (like the demo) and for bower too.

In my case, I will use it to support Angular2 angular-cli to refresh the Project Explorer with components files which was generated with angular-cli.

For the moment, command interpreter are hard coded, but my idea is to provide an extension point to provide any interpreter.

I have posted my suggestion for Terminal project at but none answer (I'm afraid that the project is not very active).

Today I define a new Local Terminal Interpreter, but I think Local Terminal could hosts this interpreter feature (that we could desactivate with a settings).

Hope you will like this feature and hope you will help me to try to ping Terminal guys to support this features.

Regard's Angelo

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