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Re: [wtp-dev] [epp-dev] Neon RC2 packages

On 14 Jun 2016, at 10:06, Michael Rennie wrote:


I believe using the TS Services is the best solution at the moment. It
would allow JSDT handle the .js, .jsx, .ts files.
It provides symbols information, content assist etc.

We have been investigating the tsserver and the language service protocol
for the JS tools in Orion as well (currently we use Tern 0.18).
It looks very promising, as it would immediately provide support for many different file types (and has all the benefits that Angelo has mentioned

Correct, we are waiting for legal blessing of the foundation to take this work further on JSDT.
Did you create any IP CQs for this?

Though the concrete integration strategy is subject to discuss.

Perhaps we could discuss this more on the next JSDT call? It feels to me like there might be some overlap work here with Orion and JSDT both trying
to implement / integrate the services.

My preference is to use a language server protocol that can be widely adopted and language agnostic. I think that would bring even more benefits to Orion. Currently, I am in favour of using VSCode’s language server protocol as the starting point and turn it into a cross-tool protocol for interfacing
language services.

I think such collaboration would be wonderful, if there is enough interest I can host a special topic (JSDT) call and invite other projects such a Che to explore ways to collaborate.

Language Service protocol doesn't provide AST which may be necessary to
display outline for example.
Another point to consider is refactoring which depends on AST as well.
Perhaps it makes sense to create some .ts layer
between JSDT and TS Services.

Is this something that could be 'fixed' via an extension to the services?

Michael Rennie
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