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Re: [wtp-dev] Local Terminal Interpreter with "cd" and "npm"

On 06/17/2016 03:55 PM, Angelo zerr wrote:
 * "cd" command: when terminal executes "cd" command, the Project Explorer select the well folder.
I do not think that all people will enjoy seeing this selection changed without them being aware of it. So if you're going to contributor, it most likely requires a way to switch it on/off from Terminal.
Note that rather than listening to the "cd" command, just listening to the current path of the terminal on each command may be more generic (supports pushd or other commands changing directories but not being cd)
 * "npm install" command: when terminal executes "npm install acorn", it refresh the parent folder where npm was executed and select the node_modules folder.
Refreshing when we know something changed is a good thing.
I have same concerns as above about immediately changing selection.
I have posted my suggestion for Terminal project at but none answer (I'm afraid that the project is not very active).
I'll post my comments there.

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