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Re: [wtp-dev] Fwd: [epp-dev] Neon RC2 packages

I have public samples for java2typescript showing:
- Autocomplete:

- Error-Markers:

What I'm not sure is if we are all really discussing the same thing
because there is:
- tsserver who has a JSON-Protocol and use LanguageService
  (vs-code leverages it for Typescript)
- language-server-api who has a different JSON-Protocol than tsserver
  (although they are similar)
- LanguageService the low-level implementation


On 15.06.16 17:10, Eugene Melekhov wrote:
> Michael,
>> Perhaps we could discuss this more on the next JSDT call? It feels to me like there might be some overlap work here
>> with Orion and JSDT both trying to implement / integrate the services.
> Unfortunately TypeScript code is poorly documented. None of the LanguageService interface function is documented, so
> it's hard to judge whether LanguageService is enough for our needs and what the common denominator for different
> projects like Orion/JSDT could be.
> I believe that writing test cases using java2typescript for example might be a good starting point. They can
>   * help to understand the API
>   * show whether we need some additional layer on .ts side or not
>   * give some benchmarks which are especially important in cases of transferring real AST from JS to Java for example
>   * demonstrate difference between running services.ts in separate Node process, Nashorn, J2V8 or Node4J.
>    (I like J2V8 and Node4J and I in my opinion it's worth looking at. (java2typescript uses J2V8))
>   * be as part JSDT tests later
>>> Language Service protocol doesn't provide AST which may be necessary to display outline for example.
>>> Another point to consider is refactoring which depends on AST as well. Perhaps it makes sense to create some .ts layer
>>> between JSDT and TS Services.
>> Is this something that could be 'fixed' via an extension to the services?
> It depends, perhaps no additional layer is needed depending on tests above.

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