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Re: [wtp-dev] Fwd: [epp-dev] Neon RC2 packages


> Perhaps we could discuss this more on the next JSDT call? It feels to me like there might be some overlap work here
> with Orion and JSDT both trying to implement / integrate the services.

Unfortunately TypeScript code is poorly documented. None of the LanguageService interface function is documented, so
it's hard to judge whether LanguageService is enough for our needs and what the common denominator for different
projects like Orion/JSDT could be.

I believe that writing test cases using java2typescript for example might be a good starting point. They can
  * help to understand the API
  * show whether we need some additional layer on .ts side or not
  * give some benchmarks which are especially important in cases of transferring real AST from JS to Java for example
  * demonstrate difference between running services.ts in separate Node process, Nashorn, J2V8 or Node4J.
   (I like J2V8 and Node4J and I in my opinion it's worth looking at. (java2typescript uses J2V8))
  * be as part JSDT tests later

>> Language Service protocol doesn't provide AST which may be necessary to display outline for example.
>> Another point to consider is refactoring which depends on AST as well. Perhaps it makes sense to create some .ts layer
>> between JSDT and TS Services.

> Is this something that could be 'fixed' via an extension to the services?

It depends, perhaps no additional layer is needed depending on tests above.

Eugene Melekhov

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