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Re: [wtp-dev] Improve Phaser Editor JSDT support

Hi Arian

I think it should be a good idea that you write a tern plugin (it is written in _javascript_) and after you can use in any editor like Emacs, Vim, Sublime, Atom and Eclipse with which extends JSDT compeltion to use ternjs.

If you are interested to write a tern plugin, I could help you.

Regard's Angelo

2015-09-11 18:45 GMT+02:00 Arián Fornaris Fernández <boniatillo@xxxxxxxxx>:

I am developing Phaser Editor (, an
editor for the game engine .
I am interested in the JSDT type inference, there is any document I
can read to understand how it works? A technical overview or something
like that? Right now JSDT is working very well with the Phaser API,
but yet there are things I would like to get much better.
What I did is to generate a _javascript_ API file and I added it to the
classpath container, but yet this is not perfect, it requires some
tweaks to express certain type relations (like namespaces).

What I would like to do is to provide an extension point to generate
the _javascript_ model in the fly, dynamically, and pass it to the type
inference, without the need to parse a JS API file. The other thing I
would like to do is to improve the jsdoc type annotations, I think it
is a good way to declare static types in JSDT.

Thanks very much for JSDT, it is really awsome.

Arian Fornaris
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