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[wtp-dev] Improve Phaser Editor JSDT support


I am developing Phaser Editor (, an
editor for the game engine .
I am interested in the JSDT type inference, there is any document I
can read to understand how it works? A technical overview or something
like that? Right now JSDT is working very well with the Phaser API,
but yet there are things I would like to get much better.
What I did is to generate a JavaScript API file and I added it to the
classpath container, but yet this is not perfect, it requires some
tweaks to express certain type relations (like namespaces).

What I would like to do is to provide an extension point to generate
the JavaScript model in the fly, dynamically, and pass it to the type
inference, without the need to parse a JS API file. The other thing I
would like to do is to improve the jsdoc type annotations, I think it
is a good way to declare static types in JSDT.

Thanks very much for JSDT, it is really awsome.

Arian Fornaris

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