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Re: [wtp-dev] JSDoc limitations (Justin Early)

That might be partially it. But also the outliner was empty. Maybe I
should wait for the move to Eclipse to be complete, because the IDE
can be a bit maze-y when you are unsure where to look for a problem.

Also, the VJET tools took over my projects, which is what I want it to
do, but I couldn't find anywhere a setting to give it back to the
default editor and V8 debugger (for node.js) when I had problems with

Either way, it looks exciting if you browse the VJET screenshots for
code completion and functionality. I can imagine it will also provide
improvement over default javascript non-node development WTP.

Will VJETDoc cooperate with JSDoc, for e.g. the outliner? JSDoc'ed .js
files are in global scope (sort of) where VJETDoc seems to like a
comment //<need(OtherFile), kind of like SPKET uses //@include.

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