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[wtp-dev] [353775] Allowing Java content in Static Web projects


	In short, we are looking for adopters that rely on the fact that the
wst.web facet conflicts with the facet.  We intend to make a
behavior change (not an API change, since this is about a facet
exclusion... I would treat it as "Protected Non-API Usage"), and as per, we are making a public disclosure
of what we intend to do.  If any adopters have an opinion on this, can they
please comment on ?  I
also want to clarify that this is *NOT* making the wst.web facet (Static
Web projects) have the same functionality as the jst.web facet (Dynamic Web
projects).  Here is what I wrote in comment #18:

We are not making the Static Web facet anywhere near the same as the
Dynamic Web Facet.  You still need a Dynamic Web project for:  JSPs,
Servlets, a classpath container that includes the contents of WEB-INF/lib,
a WEB-INF/web.xml, packaging as a WAR, etc.

We are allowing for Static Web projects to have Applets and other Java
classes in them (rather than having a Java project map to the Static Web
project, ending up with a .jar inside of it).  For devices such as mobile
phones (which can have html, css, JavaScript, and Java classes), this is a
necessity- you can't have the classes in a jar.  When I first developed a
web site in 1995, it consisted of an index.html that had a Java applet in
it (not in a jar) that would redirect you to other html files according to
what was displayed at the time.  Sadly, I cannot create that same Static
Web project in older versions of WTP, since I cannot create a Java Applet
in my Static Web project.

Also, to satisfy the prerequisites of the WTP API Policy, there is no
deprecation possible, no migration path - this is the removal of the
constraints on the facet that forbids it to be used with the
wst.web facet.  It is an all-or-nothing change.  And we have one adopter
that is requiring it.


- Carl Anderson
WTP programmer

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