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[wtp-dev] Action Required: State your readiness for CVS to Git migration

Dear WTP committers,


As discussed on the last status meeting, we are trying to capture the picture of the readiness of all WTP committers to migrate from CVS to Git. I prepared a wiki page with a table similar to the one for the weekly smoke testing where everybody can state his or her readiness. This will help us to discuss and plan the next step in the migration plan. Your participation in this poll will not trigger any immediate action – it will just help the planning.


Please go to the below wiki page and follow the instructions:


This should not require much of your time. I can’t imagine it can take more than 5 minutes (unless you are caught in a heavy dilemma). I will appreciate if most committers find time for this until next Monday, Sep 19th EoB. This will give the WTP PMC some input for an early discussion for the next PMC meeting on Tuesday.



Kaloyan Raev | T +359 2 9157-416
SAP Labs Bulgaria | PO OnDemand Platform Convergence

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