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Re: [wtp-dev] [dtp-dev] [birt-dev] datatools org.apache.lucene dependency

Thanks for the idea. I actually used it to solve another issue with an Itemis dependency.

I think the BIRT issue is solved for now. Linda had suggested that I use org.eclipse.birt.chart. Unfortunately, that didn't end up working because that feature is not available on Indigo staging site. But I was able to get the dependency chain manually, i.e. by specifying them in my buckminster.cpec platform dependencies. It's still not clear to me why this issue waited until yesterday to come guess is that there was something that having the older milestones around allowed me to get away with. David, perhaps next year we should consider expunging the older milestones earlier to prevent that..? Or it could be some other random issue. We should probably figure out why buckminster / PDE didn't like having both jars there, but that's for another day.

On to other issues... ;) and thanks again for everyone's quick response.


On Jun 6, 2011, at 10:37 PM, Thomas Hallgren wrote:

Hi Miles,

Given that you don't express any direct dependencies to (nor have no need to actually build) the bundle in question, perhaps it would suffice if you add a cquery advice to skip the 1.9.1 version, thus avoiding it from getting installed into your TP. You should be able to build without it unless it has to be included in your p2 update site.

Thomas Hallgren

On 2011-06-07 05:36, Miles Parker wrote:

[cc'ing WTP and David in -- trying to avoid spamming cross-platform if possible]

WTP,  have you seen any issues with the dependency below?

It is indeed a mystery on what got changed recently that would lead to the issue.  The related changes in DTP were done back in January.
So it seems that the Buckminster build step does not allow building with different versions of a bundle?

Yeah, I *think* it is something like that. Buckminster grabs everything that it thinks it needs, and in fact it actually correctly grabs both versions, but then it fails when it actually goes to build it. I'm hoping that Thomas can shed some light on this and what might be done about it. 

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