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Re: [wtp-dev] Enhancement Request

Hi Lance

Indeed this is not the right list. The projects at Eclipse all use Bugzilla to track enhancement requests (as well as bugs). You should open an account ( ) and create your enhancement request there, using this categorization:

Classification: WebTools
Product: WTP Java EE Tools
Component: J2EE

And thanks for the kind words!


On Tue, Jun 7, 2011 at 3:17 PM, Campbell, Lance <lance@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

If I am sending this to the wrong list I apologies.  Please let me know who I should contact if it is not you.


I was wanting to request that when someone clicks on a particular project to create a war file export is there some way Eclipse could remember per project what the last file name was for the war file.  Ideally it would be nice if Eclipse populated the “destination” with the last file location written to for that particular project.  I do realize that Eclipse has a pull down list of the last 6 files written to.  The issue is that I have  22 projects in my workspace.  So it is very common for me to have to retype on a very regular basis the file location over again. 



If I chose my project called “formBuilder” and created a war file called “c:/workspace/formBuilder.war” then the next time I go into the “formBuilder” project to create a war file it would by default populate the file destination with “c:/workspace/formBuilder.war”.  If I chose a different project called “calendar” the destination for the war file would be “c:/workspace/calendar.war” if that was the name I had used.  Each project would keep the knowledge of where it’s war file was last written to. 


I love the web tools within Eclipse.  I think you are doing a fantastic job.  I have been using this tool for around five or six years.




Lance Campbell

Software Architect/Project Manager/DBA

Web Services at Public Affairs



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