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Re: [wtp-dev] Re: How to add the rename action to the extensions tab of the property view of wsdl editor

Thanks David!

I have read these documents. But I don't find the id or url for the menu.
In the tab source codes:
    extensionTreeViewer = new TreeViewer(tableAndButtonComposite, SWT.FLAT | SWT.SINGLE | SWT.H_SCROLL | SWT.V_SCROLL | SWT.LINE_SOLID);
    MenuManager menuManager = new MenuManager();   
    menuManager.addMenuListener(new DOMExtensionItemMenuListener(extensionTreeViewer));
This menumanager has no id.
In the DOMExtensionItemMenuListener, these menu items have not id too.

I don't still know how to add a menu to it.


2009/12/16 David Carver <dcarver@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
You should be able to contribute your own menu item using the menu extension point:

You can get a list of some of the ID available from WTP here:

In your case your going to want to use the popup uri and you'll need to identify what the particular id is.


grid qian wrote:
No answer? In fact, I just want to know how to add a action to the popupmenu of the extension tab of the properties view of the wsdl editor. On the left of the extension tab, there is a treeviewer. In the source codes of the extension tab, I found these action: New and Remove are added by a menulistener. But no any extension point can be used to contribute my own action to the popupmenu.
I add a popupmenu action in my plugin, but can't be shown in the popupmenu of the treeviewer. I think it must be replace by the menulistener.

Any ideas?
Thanks a lot!

2009/12/7 grid qian <grid.qian@xxxxxxxxx <mailto:grid.qian@xxxxxxxxx>>

   Hi all,

   I want to add the Refactor and Reference action to the extension
   element of wsdl element in the extension tab, Property view of the
   wsdl editor.
   How can I do?



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