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[wtp-dev] Support other forms of function definitions in javascript outline view

Hello List

in the "outline" view of a js file, classes and functions are shown correctly, if I defined them as follows:

function Class1() {
    function func1() {}

Now if I defined the above structure in a different way, for example:

function Class1(){}
Class1.prototype.func1 = function(){}


function Class1() {
    func1 : function() {}

Then the functions won't be displayed in a readable way. i.e. I expect to see in the outline Class1 then func1 as a subtree/subelement, which is not the case in the last two definitions We find such definitions often, especially the last one, for example in js frameworks like jquery and OpenLayers.

Now my question is, can wtp display such fnction definition, if not then I'd love to add this as a feature request in the issue trakcer, what do you think? (and yes I know its an implementation hell, but who knows, maybe someone will want to implement it years from now :) )

Best regards

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