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Re: [wtp-dev] Re: How to add the rename action to the extensions tab of the property view of wsdl editor

You should be able to contribute your own menu item using the menu extension point:

You can get a list of some of the ID available from WTP here:

In your case your going to want to use the popup uri and you'll need to identify what the particular id is.


grid qian wrote:
No answer? In fact, I just want to know how to add a action to the popupmenu of the extension tab of the properties view of the wsdl editor. On the left of the extension tab, there is a treeviewer. In the source codes of the extension tab, I found these action: New and Remove are added by a menulistener. But no any extension point can be used to contribute my own action to the popupmenu. I add a popupmenu action in my plugin, but can't be shown in the popupmenu of the treeviewer. I think it must be replace by the menulistener.

Any ideas?
Thanks a lot!

2009/12/7 grid qian <grid.qian@xxxxxxxxx <mailto:grid.qian@xxxxxxxxx>>

    Hi all,

    I want to add the Refactor and Reference action to the extension
    element of wsdl element in the extension tab, Property view of the
    wsdl editor.
    How can I do?



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