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RE: [wtp-dev] Extending WTP ?



It would be best to post these sort of questions on WebTools Forum. This mailing list is intended for discussion between committers and contributers regarding the development of WTP.


Regarding your first question, I am confused why you are trying to write your own server adapter rather than utilizing adapters already present in WTP or distributed by server vendors. In the case of both WebLogic and WebSphere, you can install server adapters directly from Oracle / IBM by clicking on the "Download additional server adapters" link in the new server runtime wizard. If you do want to develop your own server adapter, it is certainly possibly to do that directly in API, but you should expect to spend significantly more time writing the adapter than if you used the generic server adapter framework. Depending on the efficiency of your own custom implementation, it may or may not perform better than a comparable implementation written using the generic server framework. I would say that the generic server framework does not produce "commercial-grade" results, but there is several orders of magnitude difference in implementation costs. The best way to get an idea on size and complexity of this task is to take a look at server adapter implementations in WTP. The Tomcat adapter is a custom implementation, while all the rest are based on the generic server framework. You can compare these implementations and judge for yourself.


- Konstantin



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We are developping a product which can be customized using eclipse. In order to ease the customisation we would like to introduce WTP to start/stop/debug/publish to the server. Our product can be run on several platform (mainly WebLogic and WebSphere) and we have an installation process which install our product on those servers.


I've seen we can define a generic server with Ant scripts to start/stop the server as well as to deploy modifications to the server. However I'm wondering if running ant (in a new jvm?) each time a ressource is modified is fast enough ? And if extending WTP with our new server is a hard work ? (we have good eclipse plugin developpment skills). In other word, is the effort to develop a new server affordable only to server vendors/open source community ?


One other question related to how WTP is organised. In our case, the ear and war doesn't change much. The pages are created in spearate java project. Therefore in many case it doesn't make sens to have the ear and the web projects in the workspace. Does WTP support this or will we be forced to have those project in the workspace ?







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