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[wtp-dev] Hotbug process document revised and ...

WTP Committers and Community,

I have written a new "hotbug" process document. See

My intent was to clarify the process to avoid some common misconceptions I 
have heard, 
as well as make it match more closely what we actually, currently do with 


I have created a document to codify our WTP conventions regarding a bug's 
priority and severity fields. See

I thought we had already documented this somewhere, but I couldn't find 
it. So, if anyone knows of some other location, let me know. (My intent 
was not to change anything ... just document what we do). 

The intent for this document was partially so we, as committers, can be a 
bit more consistent, but also to provide a link to those that open bugs so 
they can better set the severity field. I've always found the generic 
bugzilla 'help' for these fields to be not very helpful. While we can not 
cover all cases, I think having some details written down will help with 
consistency. Let me know if you see any obvious errors, omissions, or 


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